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June 3, 2016

Well it’s looking like the cobia are gonna be around a little bit longer, we’ve weighed a few fish over the past couple of days. Most of the fish are still coming from fishing around the baitballs and soaking baits on the bottom. It seems over the last week we had a nicer class of fish show up in good numbers. When sight casting to these fish, your best bet is gonna be throwing live eels, eel imitations, and bucktails. If you're bottom fishing, you're gonna wanna be soaking live and dead menhaden on the bottom in combination with a chum bag. The way things are looking these fish are gonna stay around for another week or two as fish are still being caught to the south of us.  Be sure to weigh in at the store to participate in our COBIA CASH contest...your chance to win a gift certificate or the $100 cash prize.  

Spanish fishing over the past week has been hot, with good numbers of fish coming in. Most of these fish have been caught trolling clarkspoons in the 0 and 00 size in gold and silver. Also fishing squid rigs and mackerel trees has been very effective.The best bite has been out around Cape lookout and fishing between Beaufort inlet and the Doubletree Resort. If you can find the fish in good numbers, throwing small jigs is a good way to fill a cooler, plus it’s some great fun. There’s also quite a few bluefish coming from the same areas as the spanish.
Sheepshead fishing has been on fire over the past week with lots of fish being caught. Most of the action has been coming from around the bridges and the port wall area. Anglers have had the best luck fishing live fiddler crabs and sea urchins. We have both In-Stock if you're looking to give it a try this weekend.

Flounder fishing around the artificial reefs has been good with quite a few fish being caught, most of the fish are coming from around 315, 320 and 330. Your best bet at catching these fish is gonna be a 2oz bucktail tipped with a 4 inch Berkley Gulp shrimp. It wouldn't be a bad idea to fish a live mud minnow on a carolina rig around the same areas you fish the jigs.

The turning basin area has been producing well with lots of sea mullet, croakers, grey trout, hogfish, and bluefish making up the majority of the catch. These fish can be caught fishing bottom rigs or spec rigs tipped with fish bites or fresh shrimp.

As far as the backwaters go, things are beginning to heat up with a couple of nice size reds and speckled trout coming from the marshes and creeks. They've done well fishing the creeks and marshes off the Neuse and Newport river. Right now is a good time to fish topwater lures such as Top-dogs or zara spooks real early in the morning or late in the afternoon to create some explosive strikes.

The fishing off the pier has been hot lately with good catches of Spanish and bluefish, most are having success plugging, throwing Got-cha plugs off the end. From what we've heard there’s been a few cobia hooked off the pier and a couple more have been spotted.

From the surf most anglers are having good luck with Croakers, Sea mullet, Bluefish, Pompano, Black drum, Red drum, and a few flounder. When fishing from the surf a bottom rig tipped with fresh shrimp or some fish bites should produce some good action.

As far as the bluewater goes, things have been good with good numbers of fish coming in. The dolphin bite has been good over the past few weeks with the fish moving in closer. Your best bet would be fishing around the 14 buoy and the 90ft drop. If you're looking for a wahoo, you're gonna wanna run out towards the Big rock as there have been a few caught in that area.

Offshore bottom fishing has remained strong with good numbers of Black sea bass, B-Liners, triggerfish, grouper, and snapper. Most of the fish can be caught fishing squid and cigar minnows on the bottom.

Stop on by and we will get you on the fish!! Or give us a call at 252-726-2607
Happy fishing!

May 20, 2016


Inshore: Well, we have had some awesome cobia fishing over the past week, fish are here in good numbers and are hungry. Most of the fish are coming from between Beaufort Inlet and Bardens Inlet. Sight fishing for them around the bait balls and throwing to free swimming fish has produced a lot of fish for many. Bottom fishing for them has been very productive as well. As far as sight fishing goes, throwing Spro bucktails in the 3-4oz range tipped with large curly tails and eel tails is a great combo when throwing artificials. When throwing live bait, menhaden are a great choice to entice cobia into biting. Live eels are about as good as a cobia bait you're gonna get, haven't seen many cobia turn one down.

When bottom fishing soaking live and dead menhaden on the bottom in combination with a chum bag has worked very well for many.

Spanish fishing has been hot over the past week with lots of fish coming from the beaches, trolling from Beaufort inlet towards the Doubletree has caught some nice limits of fish. We did hear of a few nice sized fish in the mix, even a couple citations have been caught. Most of the fish are being caught trolling Clarkspoons, squid rigs and mackerel trees. If you can find fish in good numbers then casting jigs is a good option for some light tackle fun. There's also been bluefish in the same areas and they can be caught on the same style rigs.

Flounder fishing has been steady around the reefs over the past week, most of the fish are being caught around AR-315 and AR-320 jigging bucktails in the 2oz size tipped with 4” gulp and other soft plastics. These fish can also be caught fishing live mud minnows on Carolina rigs.

There's still some grey trout hanging around the bridges, if you catch one it's a good bet there's more in the same spot, they can be caught jigging stingsilvers. There's still some good bottom fishing to be found from Beaufort inlet in towards the turning basin it seems most anglers are catching sea mullet, croakers and hogfish. There's also a few grey trout in the mix. Most of these fish can be caught fishing spec rigs on the bottom tipped with fresh shrimp or fish bites.

Fishing in the backwaters has been slow recently, there's definitely some fish around it’s just having to know where to go. Have heard there's a few reds to be caught in the haystacks area.

Piers and surf: Over the past week the spanish have begun to make their yearly showing off the piers. There's been quite a few fish coming off the end throwing Got-cha plugs, mixed in with the spanish have been some nice bluefish in the 1-2lb range. They have been doing really good on bigger spanish down at Bogue inlet pier so it should only be a matter of time and things will be hot at Oceanana pier.

Bottom fishing off the piers is producing a mixed bag of fish consisting of Sea mullet, Hogfish, Puffer fish, Croakers, Sharks, Skates and there's also been some black drum caught. Most fish have been caught using fresh shrimp, squid, fish bites and mullet fished on the bottom.

Offshore: The bites been good offshore with quite a few fish coming in. The dolphin bite wasn’t quite what it was last week but there's definitely a lot of fish out there. Most anglers are coming in with good catches of gaffer dolphin, blackfin, wahoo and a few billfish have been caught. The best bite has been from the Big rock to the Swansboro hole. There's been a few fish coming from the 90ft drop and 14 buoy areas but the best bite is definitely further offshore.

Offshore bottom fishing is still very good with good reports of grouper, snapper, b-liners, Black sea bass and triggerfish have made up most of the catches coming from offshore, the best action has been around the 90ft drop area. Most of the fish are being caught on squid and cigar minnows.

Stop on by and we will get you on the fish!! Or give us a call at 252-726-2607

Happy fishing! 


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